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Looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ice melters?

You've found it! Ice B' Gone Magic is a highly effective ice melting product that works at temperatures down to -35°. With a single application, it will "burn off" small amounts of snow without plowing, and the product works faster and lasts longer, saving you 30%-50% in salt use.


Ice B' Gone Magic starts out as ordinary rock salt, which is then treated with a liquid, agricultural by-product of the distilling process blended with magnesium chloride called Magic Minus Zero. It is non-toxic, totally bio-degradable and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water.

• Ice B' Gone Magic is economically superior. Because it works better and lasts longer, less is required to displace an equal amount of ice or snow than with any other ice-melter - at any price.

• Salt applications are reduced by 30% to 50% and the need for sand is virtually eliminated in most circumstances.

• Ice B' Gone Magic works faster at lower temperatures than rock salt.

• Ice B' Gone Magic has a working temperature of -35°F, whereas regular rock salt is ineffective below 18°F. This is similar to the performance of calcium chloride without the adverse effects.

• Snow and ice will not bond to the pavement meaning black ice is virtually eliminated.

• Ice B' Gone Magic is significantly less corrosive than plain rock salt or calcium chloride - it will not damage or split steel doors, thresholds, equipment, carpets, flooring or concrete. In fact, it neutralizes rust!

• Unlike calcium chloride and ordinary rock salt, Ice B' Gone Magic leaves no visible residue and is completely safe for people to handle.

• Ice B' Gone Magic is environmentally friendly, releasing far less chlorides into the environment than either plain rock salt or calcium chloride.

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